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ALL K8 KIDTUNES ACCOUNTS WILL BE CLOSED & DELETED ON JUNE 1, 2018. Account holders, use the remainder of your funds before then, or you will lose it. More information.

Information About & Help With

What is is a web site featuring music games, puzzles, downloads, and more, just for kids. It is brought to you by Plank Road Publishing, publisher of Music K-8 magazine and creator of tons of great kids music, which is available for sale on

Please note that the MP3s available through the K8 KidTunes store are for listening pleasure only and are not for use by teachers in music classrooms or productions. Because they are for listening pleasure only, we do not supply lyrics or written music for these songs. Please visit for versions that carry full rights for use in the classroom.

Commercial use of these songs or videos is expressly forbidden. All Plank Road Publishing materials are covered by our copyright policy. It is expressly forbidden to post these files on web sites or share them electronically.

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We are no longer accepting new account registrations. All K8 KidTunes accounts will be deleted as of June 1, 2018. Account holders will no longer be able to log in after that time.

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How Account Holders Can Browse For Music

Browse music and select files to download

> Click to browse or download music or videos.

> Click to browse or download playlists.

With an existing account, your child may log in using the username and password you both agreed upon, or just start browsing.

If your child is logged in, they can add all of the songs or videos they would like to purchase into their Music Basket and check out all at once.If your child has selected a playlist, all songs in that playlist will download as a single compressed file. Alternately, your child can click on the "Download Now" button to purchase and download individual files immediately. If there are any files in your child's Music Basket, clicking "Download Now" on a new file will cause all files (including those in their basket) to download immediately.

Although the sound/video clips are shortened samples, when your child downloads their Music Basket, they are purchasing full versions of the songs/videos.

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Check out and download files

If your child hasn't logged in when they click "Download," they will be prompted to do so. As soon as your child is logged in, they are able to download the files. Once your child has downloaded their chosen files, a confirmation will show how much money they have left in their allowance.

Download Instructions: You'll find download instructions on the download page, but we'll include them here for your convenience, as well.

  1. Right-Click on the link and choose "Save Target As," "Save Link As," "Download Linked File," or something similar (depending on your browser). If you're using a Mac and have a mouse with only one button, you can hold down the Control key and click to bring up the menu.
  2. Select a location on your computer and save the file. Note that the MP3/MP4 files can be quite large and may take a long time to download, especially with a slow connection.
  3. For further download instructions, click here.

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IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS DOWNLOADING: Every time your child downloads files from K8 KidTunes, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a link to the file(s). Thus, should your child encounter problems during the downloading process, you have a way of retrieving those files that they have already purchased. If there is a problem downloading, please use the link in the e-mail right away: It expires after 72 hours. Be sure your e-mail address is correct, or you won't receive this helpful e-mail. Check it and, if necessary, correct it on the Edit Information page.

For more help with downloads, click here.

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How do we play the files my child downloads?

Any of the following free players, and probably several others, will play the MP3s available on K8 KidTunes. You may already have one or more of these on your computer, but if not, you can follow the links to download the software.

In order to play the videos available on K8 KidTunes, you need to have the latest version of Flash Player or some similar video player software. You may already have this on your computer, but if not, you can follow the link below to download the software.

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My child's allowance is running low. How do I add more money?

It is no longer possible to add funds to an existing account, because we are closing the K8 KidTunes music store. Account holders should use up their existing funds.

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How do I change my account information?

> Update or edit your billing and account information.

In this secure area you can update your billing address.

Please remember to keep your account information up-to-date, especially your e-mail address. Otherwise, your child may no longer be able to download files.

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How will I know when new songs or videos are added to K8 KidTunes?

We are no longer adding new songs and videos to the K8 KidTunes store.

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Can I get a refund on any allowance not spent?

We are unable to provide refunds on allowance amounts not spent. Any balance not spent before June 1, 2018 will be lost.

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How do I know this site is secure?

Sensitive information is encoded and transferred securely, using industry standard security software. We do not ever sell or disperse any information we gather from you. We do not collect personally identifying information from your child. Click to read our full K8 KidTunes Privacy Policy.

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Cookies And

On, the only information that we store in the cookie is a unique cart number. This cart number allows the web site to look up what you have placed in your cart to purchase and makes it possible for you to manage your account.

Cookies are small, plain text data records temporarily stored on your hard drive. Cookies cannot gather information on their own (i.e., they are NOT viruses, spyware, or programs). Cookies cannot collect personal information from your computer. For more information about cookies or to learn how to enable them, please visit our Cookies Help page.


> Check if your browser has cookies enabled.

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How do I contact someone for more help?

If your question isn't answered on this page, or if you need more help, use the Contact Us page to send us a message.

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I'm a teacher and I'd like to purchase a song for use in my classroom. How do I go about doing that?

Songs available through K8 KidTunes are for listening pleasure only and are not for use by teachers in music classrooms or productions. Please visit for versions that carry full rights for use in the classroom.

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I forgot my password or username

If you forget your password, there is a hint feature available on the Log In page. Simply enter your username, check the box (see below), and hit the Log In button.

Password hint.

If that still doesn't help, go to the Password Reminder page, where you can find your password or username (or both) by entering your name and other account information. After entering the correct information, an e-mail with your password or username will be sent to the account holder. The link is also on the login page and looks like this:

Forgot your password?


Help Menu: Click to jump to a help topic.

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